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You may have already noticed, but we have two new writers!  Please welcome Joshua Beazley and Amy Hazel!  Just as the rest of the staff strives to bring you great and interesting articles, our new staff will not disappoint!

Do yourself a favor and go check some of their articles:

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Amy’s Profile & Articles

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Vacation is Over!

Hey guys, I know we’ve been lacking on our posting. We’ve been on a little hiatus for the holidays (from about the week before Christmas until yesterday which was the last day of MAGFest).

But that’s over now! We have a lot of articles backed up that we need to post including many articles written about MAGFest. Just be prepared, January will probably be filled with MAGFest related news, reviews and articles.

Thanks for bearing with us everyone! Hope you enjoyed your holidays as much as we did and I hope you’re ready for what we have in store for BTB!!

We’ve Launched a Facebook Page!


We’ve finally launched our own Facebook page!

Of course, all of our articles will still be written here.  The Facebook page will be used as a way for our fans to connect with us and other fans!

For now, we can’t change the URL, but the link below will take you over to the page!  Oh, and the link in the navigation bar on the header of the page will be updated once we get the URL switched over. Facebook

Be sure to like the page!  Don’t just be a lurker!  XD

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Brace Yourselves… MAGFest is Coming


MAGFest has been going on for 12 years and started in Roanoke, VA which is also where Roanoke Gaming and are operated.

If you follow Roanoke Gaming, you will know that MAGFest is coming up shortly.

What is MAGFest you ask?  MAGFest, or the Music and Gaming Festival, is a yearly convention centered around gaming and… Well… Music!  The dates are always around the first of the year every year and it happens around the Washington, DC area.

This year the dates are January 2-5 and it is at the Gaylord National Convention Center in National Harbor, MD (which is just outside of DC).

What makes MAGFest so great?  Well… *takes deep breath* Live Video Game Concerts featuring video game cover bands, chiptune and related bands, 24 hour video game room the size of a normal Civic Center, a 24 hour arcade room the same size, a 24 hour PC LAN room, guests featuring the voice of GLaDOS to the voice of Duke Nukem, awesome panels with the awesome guests, tens of thousands of other fans just like you, a gaming related movie festival, and SO much more!

Guess who’s going to be there to cover it?  That’s right!!  I’m going to personally record a vlog of the entire event.  Of course we’ll review the con and we’ll also interview some folks.  Just know, the month of January is going to be filled with post-MAGFestness.

If you’ve never been, you’re missing out and you NEED to go.  Make this year your first!

Visit Their Website for More Info –

Zach “FreakTard” Wray President / Webmaster Has a New Look!


If you are a regular to, you may have noticed we have a brand new look!

We decided to go with a little bit of a more professional look.  We hope this new layout will be easier to navigate for everyone and we also hope that you guys will enjoy reading our articles much more!

As always, we appreciate your attendance and we hope to have you coming back for more in the future!

Anyway, lets get onto some gaming goodness!


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